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As one way of representing our students, our members sit on a number of committees campus-wide. These committees are how we can promote and inact campus wide policy change initiated from our students.

If you have issues that you would like to discuss at one of these committee meetings, then find the current contact for that and send them an email through our Contact Us page.


Academic Advisement

This committee reviews the professional academic advisement of both professors and counseling.

SGA Representative: Dominick

Academic Standards and Procedures

This committee reviews and supports the consistent interpretation of all policies and insures the equitable application of all procedures that are related to academic and admission standards.

SGA Representative: Dominick


This committee is the Academic Computing Faculty Committee that works on improving the computing power and accessibility on campus.

SGA Representative: Cindy

Board of Trustees

The President of SGA is the only member on this committee from Student Government and serves as the Student Delegate for the Prescott Campus. In front of the Board of Trustees, the SGA President will report once a semester about how the students of ERAU Prescott are doing and report back from the meeting to the Student Government Council.

SGA Representative: Zoe


This committee helps connect the students of ERAU to the Campus Bookstore. This committee meets monthly and will be a new method of the Bookstore advertising new merchandise and products.

SGA Representative: Rachel


This committee serves as the connection between the Chapel and students at ERAU. The committee overlooks Chapel activities and help plan future Chapel events.

SGA Representative: Rachel


This committee looks at proposals for changes or additions to the curriculum and votes to send them to the Board of Trustees.

SGA Representative: Dominick

Diversity Advisement

This committee meets bi-weekly in regards to both student and faculty diversity on campus.

SGA Representative: Jamie

Food Service

In efforts to improve dining at Earhart's, this committee is composed of a group of students and dining hall staff who discuss ways to improve food on campus. Menu changes have been made and suggestions and requests by students are a top priority.

SGA Representative: Jerome


This committee is designed to bridge the gap between students and staff when it comes to anything regarding graduation. Responsible for making graduation happen, dates are decided and graduation is put into full effect thanks to this committee.

SGA Representative: Zoe

Institutional Effectiveness

This committee meets and reviews the effectiveness of the Prescott campus as a whole.

SGA Representative: Dominick


This committee meets with the library administration to help improve the library and fullfill needs for the students in the library.

SGA Representative: Zachary


This committee is responsible for putting on ERAU's Homecoming for alumni, faculty, staff, administration, and students. OctoberWest is the first main event for the school, and takes place the first weekend of October.

SGA Representative: Cindy


This committee serves as the planners and coordinators of new student orientation in the fall and spring. They plan the events that go on during orientation and ensure that there are no conflicts in scheduling.

SGA Representative: N/A

President's Award Selection

This committee serves as the selection committee for the highest honored awards that are given out at graduation, the Chancellor's Award and the Ed King Award.

SGA Representative: Zoe


This committee reviews petitions for refund for students who withdraw from the university due to extenuating circumstances, beyond the students control.

SGA Representative: Alani

Safety and Security (Parking Committee)

The purpose of this committee is to provide a link between the students of ERAU and the Safety Office. With meetings twice a month, SGA receives updates from the Safety Office and gives that message to the students.

SGA Representative: Rachel

Student Campus Enhancement Fund

SCEF is designed to improve campus life at ERAU. Assisting in improving overall quality of student life, SCEF produces funds to purchase equipment, support events, and start programs that the University typically would not fund.

SGA Representative: Zachary